Animal wastes from various sources need to be handle with special care. FALATec offers well-suited solutions specifically designed for your animal wastes. Animal wastes include:

  • Poultry animals infected from Bird Flue Disease,
  • Farm animals infected from Swine Flue Disease,
  • Farm animals infected from Mad Calf Disease,
  • Animal Carcasses from Slaughterhouses,
  • Experimental Animals,
  • Poultry animals from farms,
  • Pet Crematoriums,
  • Animals from the zoo.


Main Futures:

  • Tailor-Made design
  • Rotary kiln application for bigger capacities and ability to operate 24/day
  • ۸۰۰ C in Primary Combustion chamber
  • ۸۵۰ C in Post Combustion chamber
  • ۲ seconds of residence time
  • Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, ABPR
  • Energy recovery option is available (hot air, thermal oil, steam, hot water, electricity) for bigger capacities
  • Starved air incineration method can be applied
  • Fully automated system options
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Integrated multi-pollutant treatment system
  • Can handle high moisture content
  • Produce clean ash with small quantities depending on the waste content
  • Automatic ash removal system option




FALATec Animal Carcass Incinerators can be manufactured as mobile especially for the applications of incineration of poultry wastes infected from Bird Flue Disease.