FALAT Energy Company

Engineering, Development and Energy Transmission of FALAT (FALATec)

Provider of products and services in the field of Waste, Liquid waste, Waste gas, … and sewage is as follows: Commerce and the supply of parts and equipment for different sections of the renewable energy, The measurement of the expert knowledge in different sections of the consultation, design, implementation and commissioning of various designs energy to waste and wastewater industry, Construction and commissioning of machinery and equipment in the renewable industry, Design, and implementation of various projects for Gas, Refining and conversion to energy, Setting up of laboratories measuring the gases produced, Provide expert advice and training courses with the participation of international faculty, Buy and training devices and instruments for surveys, Machinery and mechanical,…

FALAT energy company (FALATec)

Appliances collected municipal waste with the aim of separating trash from the origin, Design and implementation of advanced systems incinerators (municipal and medical waste), Design, construction and operation of small-scale power plants capable of producing electricity and hot water at the same time benefiting from knowledge engineering days.

Performance is never a matter of chance. The real value is the product of real quality.  FALATec Industrial incinerators combine quality, value, and performance to deliver all types of incinerators tailored for your project needs. Perfect in form and function. Part of the FALATec family, today delivers Urban, Medical, and Industrial incinerators that stand out for their reliability, quality components and enhanced usability, embedding aesthetics and innovation to grant you full control over your waste management and its outputs.