FALAT energy company (FALATec)

Provider of products and services in the field of waste and sewage is as follows: Commerce and the supply of parts and equipment for different sections of the waste industry, The measurement of the expert knowledge in different sections of the consultation, design, implementation and commissioning of various designs energy waste and wastewater industry, Construction and commissioning of machinery and equipment recycling, Design and implementation of various projects in the field of gas, Refining and conversion to energy, Setting up of laboratories measuring the gases produced, Provide expert advice and training courses with the participation of international faculty, Buy and training devices and instruments for surveys, Machinery and mechanical appliances collected municipal waste with the aim of separating trash from origin, Design and implementation of advanced systems incinerators (municipal and medical waste), Design, construction and operation of small-scale power plants capable of producing electricity and hot water at the same time benefiting from knowledge engineering days.

Quality Policy

In the light of its vision to be the dominating company leading the waste Incineration systems production sector, it is our main duty to offer the most suitable products and services to our customers’ needs and expectations in an environmentally sensitive manner, without compromising quality.

In all the activities that we carry out in line with this main task;

• To exhibit a strategic management approach that focuses on the needs and expectations of customers and keeps customer satisfaction above expectations,
• To meet the needs and expectations of our customers and interested parties regularly,
• To ensure compliance with the national and international legal and technical regulations regarding our products,
• To continue increasing customer satisfaction with innovative and special solutions,
• To ensure the continuous development of our employees’ knowledge and skills,
• To strengthen our cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors to increase exports within the framework of the win-win approach,
• To contribute to the national economy by constantly improving the business volume,
We are committed to adhering to the principles.

Why FALATec?

Tailor-made design specifically for your waste
Various kinds of fuel can be used as a source of fuel such as diesel, LPG, natural gas, fuel oil, waste oil, and JP8.
Optional automatic loading and ash removal systems.
High combustion efficiency; 99.99% for organics.
A fully automated control mechanism that prevents operational handicaps & easy maintenance.
Optional flue gas treatment units as dry or wet scrubbers.
Energy recovery options as hot water, thermal oil, hot air, steam, and even electricity based on the capacity and type of waste.
European emission standards are met; harmful gasses are treated in the gas filtering units.
High waste reduction efficiency.

Mision & Vision

Our Mission :

• To offer the products and services that best suit customer needs and expectations in an environmentally friendly manner without sacrificing quality.

Our Vision :

• To become the leading company that combines experience, knowledge and technology, producing innovative, environmentally and industry-friendly, customer-oriented, and industry-leading Waste Incineration compromising Systems.

Company Profile

Our company was established in 1990 and specialized in the design and production of Incineration Systems as well as, flue gas treatment systems. Our company, which has grown by showing a great breakthrough in waste disposal systems, stands out with its special designs suitable for the needs of its customers.

In our product range, there are mainly medical, hazardous, municipal, industrial, wastewater sludge, oily sludge, propellant and animal waste Incineration and flue gas treatment systems.

FALATec Incinerator is an export company, which exports to four continents, a leader company in IRAN, and among the leading companies in the world when it comes to its field.

With our management system and the awareness of contributing to the production quality of our employees, we are working to recycle substances by complying with environmental, occupational health and safety laws and application rules and preventing occupational accidents, increasing awareness, giving environmental awareness, preventing pollution of resources and minimizing the use of hazardous wastes.

Founded in 1990 and specialized in mainly incineration technology.

In conjunction with the incineration systems, FALATec manufactures flue gas treatment units which can also be integrated to the incineration systems to reach desired emission standards

FALATec manufactures incineration and flue gas treatment systems in compliance according to EU, EPA & any other desired emission standards based on customer request.