Medical waste incinerators   WOS-without stack

The company’s patented incinerators designed in a way that emissions from burning waste rather than give up, the process is injected back into the furnace. Analyze emissions output shows the lowest emissions. Devices incinerator emissions of 150 mg per cubic meter produce this while the incinerator WOS this level to 23 mg per cubic meter has. The exhaust gas is zero; WOS device without polluting incinerators in the process of waste incineration does not produce smoke. In this generation of machines incinerators, smoke and gas into the air from burning waste rather than by pipe is detachable into certain cycle and after the passage of fluids such as water and lime juice back into the furnace injected. The device is designed to eliminate the disposal of medical waste, the worst kind of waste, hospital waste, so the device can be used as the best proposal for the disposal of medical waste.

In business and engineering technical development and the transfer of the energy Falatec as one of the first companies active in industry and energy versions of flammable in Iran with the technology day world and with the support of the proposed foreign and domestic able to offer service in the expert knowledge projects in the key to include: Calculate and accurate estimates of economic and financial engineering services, test and inspection and installation and start and repair work on investment in power built the garbage and biogas

Select the type of power generating capacity and power plant generators in proportion to each region and according to the type and volume of the waste. Combustion cycle power plants, incinerators are the main elements of furnaces, boilers, fans, preheater, semi-dry scrubber system and chimney cleaning, which must be designed according to the input waste tonnage. The system is due to the use of modern filtration mechanism has the least amount of contamination and can also generate electricity from waste ash also be segregated in a separate tank. The technology is non-rival Iran and all existing devices with severe pollution, noise, smoke and odor are nasty. Engineering Falatec 1394 by signing the Joint Vincher with Amerair international company in America began and now the ability to use the best technology is capable of.