Medical wastes are classified as hazardous wastes and they should be handled immediately where they are produced. For this purpose, FALATec undertakes the design and manufacturing of medical waste incineration systems which are the most technological and feasible ways of disposing medical waste. The capacity of the incinerators may range from 25 kg/hr to 5000 kg/hr.

Medical wastes that can be incinerated include:

  • Infectious wastes from hospitals,
  • Healthcare wastes from hospitals, clinics and polyclinics,
  • Wastes from maternity hospitals,
  • Expired drugs,
  • Surgery wastes,
  • Biomedical wastes,
  • Pathological wastes,
  • Pharmaceutical wastes.

Main Futures:

  • Tailor-Made design
  • Rotary kiln application for bigger capacities and ability to operate 24/day
  • Special liquid waste injection system for superior efficiency
  • ۱۰۰۰ C in Primary Combustion chamber
  • ۱۱۰۰ C in Post Combustion chamber
  • ۲ seconds residence time
  • Can be designed for any local
  • Energy recovery option is available (hot air, thermal oil, steam, hot water, electricity)
  • Starved air incineration method can be applied
  • Fully automated system options
  • High combustion efficiency
  • Integrated multi-pollutant treatment system
  • Can handle high moisture content
  • Produce clean ash with small quantities depending on the waste content
  • Automatic ash removal system option

Advantages of Medical Waste Incineration over Other Method:

  • Suitable for every type of medical waste generated in hospitals including types A, B, C, D and E
  • No odor problem if properly designed
  • Much less end-products unlike other methods such as sterilization/ autoclave or microwave
  • No contamination possibility of end product
  • No possibility of containing viruses or bacteria’s in the flue gas.