Municipal wastes include different kinds of wastes like recyclables, organic & inorganic wastes, commercial wastes, and construction & demolition wastes. The waste incineration approach may change according to the aim.

Incineration is used to decrease the volume of the municipal waste which may send to landfills. FALATec manufactures incineration systems for the handling of the municipal waste operating with the principle of waste to energy approach.


Hazardous gases sites that cause local air pollution and contribute to global warmingFALATec Incineration Systems includes Flue Gas Treatment and Emissions comply according to EU Waste
Pollution of the local streams occurred via toxic materials seeping through the ground from the landfillAny end product of the FALATec Incineration Systems does not lead such a problem
Landfills occupy quite a big area for disposalIncinerator does need a very small area for incineration and can be used as a source of energy production of electricity, steam, hot water or hot oil.


Main Futures:

  • Tailor-Made design
  • Rotary kiln application for bigger capacities and ability to operate 24/day
  • ۸۰۰ – ۱۰۰۰ C in Primary Combustion chamber
  • ۸۵۰ – ۱۱۰۰ C in Post Combustion chamber based on the halogenated waste content
  • ۲ seconds of residence time
  • Can be designed for any local or international regulation such as EPA, EU 2000/76/EC (or 2010/75/EU)
  • Energy recovery option is available (hot air, thermal oil, steam, hot water, electricity)
  • Starved air incineration method can be applied
  • Fully automated system options
  • High combustion efficiency
  • The integrated multi-pollutant treatment system
  • Can handle high moisture content
  • Produce clean ash with small quantities depending on the waste content
  • Automatic ash removal system option