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Landfill and municipal waste landfill in the focus areas, in addition to organizing the collection of biogas production and waste management targets and avoid greenhouse gas emissions, will follow. Today, in most countries due to the severe environmental legislation, the traditional method of burning waste is not used. For because of these rules, filters and other equipment industries are required to birth control, and hence environmental pollution due to high costs, this method has given way to a landfill in the landfill. However, neglect and abandon landfill waste disposal site without environmental measures is not possible. In the past, there was no specific provision for landfill sites and landfill sites were altered, and without covering many environmental problems were created. With the increasing population and increasing urban waste production by certain rules America Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the case of the landfill situation and gradually other countries to develop and implement their laws. With the growing awareness of the impact of non-engineered landfill emissions on the environment were the criteria for landfill design.

  • ۲۰۱۹ IRAQ-Sulaymaniyah Takya-Kakamand landfill
  • ۲۰۱۵ OMAN-Muscat Beyla landfill
  • ۲۰۱۰ IRAN-Khoramabad Kamalvand landfill

Proper design and optimization of landfill

a vital role in their optimum performance. In general, a good plan, should all the conditions for the construction of the landfill, special technology in the future in order to exploit the landfill biogas is used and the amount and type of waste to be considered. Based on the standards set out in the landfill design should consider the following:

The primary use of land for landfill, initial and final map of area landfills

  • groundwater level
  • a map of the location of buildings, roads, collect soil
  • groundwater level
  • the necessary measures to prevent the damage caused by rain
  • And the amount of waste to landfill target
  • compression of waste
  • the overall structure of pits, floor coverings, wall and on landfill
  • waste water collection and treatment system
  • a gas gathering system and production

 Municipal Waste Landfill Construction