FALATec Waste Separation Systems


Solid waste contains a lot of different valuable material that can be recycled based on the source originated. Waste separation systems are the key units in recycling of these materials. Hand-picking waste separation systems are applicable, especially where the waste stream is not quite big or the type of recoverable waste does not vary a lot. These systems is superior to the other systems in such cases for example universities, airports, and cam sites, etc. Main products that can be recycled are plastic, metal, paper and glass. The rest of the wastes are usually food-based and can be incinerated.

Advantages of Waste Separation

  • Reduce the landfill requirement
  • Saves natural sources as raw material
  • Provides economic source
  • Eliminates the ecological problems originated by waste disposal

Main Units:

  • Waste Collection Hopper
  • Belt Conveyor
  • Platform
  • Metal Separator
  • Compactors
  • Balers

Lines of recycling municipal solid waste (MRF):

FALATec company for rapid separation of waste before burial, the design, and construction of processing and recycling of municipal solid waste have a different capacity. Used to mix dry and wet waste, economically designed to use the minimum staffing and minimal need for maintenance, has an open bag, a lightweight material waste by gravity separation, magnetic separator

Magnetic separators are made of different types according to the requirements of different applications in different industries. Two types of electrical and magnetic separators Permanente (permanent magnet) are designed and manufactured according to the requirements and types, each with different functions and performance will be proportional to the industry. The separator magnetic fields in two permanent types (Permanente) and Magnetic Times electric vector presented are depending on the type of industry and the pollution rate of iron materials by experts this company to the customers introduced to Jupiter with traffic cost the best function. Cleaning is automatic, self-cleaning magnet into two manually

Separation and composting of mobile device screen:

It is advanced by the Iranian engineers from several companies active in the design, manufacturing machines with the capability of loading, sorting, and storing regular compost product for the first time in the country was built. This device with processing capability more than fifty Compost day & converting a lot of volume of great dry of the city to Compost seed packaging with the added value of hundreds of times and can be of this technology as a step right up in the direction of the garbage recycling with the added value of high can.

Turn compost aeration device connectivity technology, help to manufacturers in aerated compost and compost faster processing and conversion capabilities from horizontal to a vertical position while using less space, and provides greater maneuverability.

Design of the equipment needed in waste lines:

FALATec engineering company in line with the requirements of the waste, the design, engineering, and manufacturing a wide range of devices municipal waste is recycled. Bag opener is one of the essential instruments in the waste lines. Open bags containing garbage and waste removal much easier dense that later led to the separation of waste is done automatically by the device.

  • High throughput from 4 to 24 tons per hour
  • open bags of ingredients and transfer to the warehouse
  • the exclusive mechanism for opening the bag with a rotating shaft
  • efficiency 95%, depending on material density
  • modular system design
  • the very limited need for repair and maintenance
  • low loading height, intelligent control PLC
  • low power consumption is only 17 to 23 HP